Imaginative Cows Our Projects | Xilent / Audio Porn Records | Drum, Bass & CSS Our Projects | Xilent / Audio Porn Records | Drum, Bass & CSS We created this new showcase website for dubstep legend Xilent. The focus was on promoting his new releases alongside gig dates and the latest media

Drum, Bass & CSS

Xilent / Audio Porn Records

xilent responsive website design example by imaginative cows, canterbury, kent

a responsive cms driven website for a drum & bass hero

Xilent / Audio Porn Records


The Brief

Xilent is one of Drum & Bass' heroes (or a DJ superstar to those not musically aligned). Management saw fit that he had a showcase website to promote his new releases alongside gig dates and the latest media (songs, videos and photos).

The Solution

Using Xilent's press pack and existing album artwork we created a custom designed website to sit neatly in his musical genre. A 'dirty' Drum & Bass site was born. The custom front-end design sits atop a WordPress back-end. It features an events section and several hand-coded media related plugins.

The Result

Using the SoundCloud API isn't easy at the best of times, let alone marrying it with the WordPress back-end. Luckily we have some whiz kids in the technical department here and were able to deliver a seamless integration of the SoundCloud service to the site allowing it to automatically update with Xilent's latest tracks.

We implemented a live Twitter & Facebook feed alongside the ability for mangement to quickly add new tracks and/or tour dates.

website pages from responsive website design created for Xilent
soundcloud api install logo icon

Making the Soundcloud API work for us

Linking a dynamically updating music feed isn't as easy as it might seem. We custom coded a workaround which enabled us to stream Soundcloud's great services directly to Xilent's site.

social media examples for youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram and soundcloud

Design Created for Responsive Use with Social Media

Alongside Soundcloud we used APIs from YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to make sure the site was up to date 24/7.

cms - content mangement systeme backend example for xilents site on a laptop

Content management, making editing on the go easy

Using the WordPress content mangement system Xilent or Audio Porn can edit the site any time from any where.