Imaginative Cows Our Projects | TGI Fridays / Telegraph Hill | POS & Campaign Artwork for TGI Fridays Our Projects | TGI Fridays / Telegraph Hill | POS & Campaign Artwork for TGI Fridays We were commissioned to produce bespoke artwork for each one of TGI Fridays' cocktails and their burgers. The campaign was a huge success across stores in the UK.

POS & Campaign Artwork
For TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays / Telegraph Hill

TGI Poster campaign artwork examples, four posters using mixed media

POS & Campaign Artwork For The World's Oldest Mixologists

TGI Fridays / We Are Telegraph Hill


The Brief

TGI Fridays is a global restaurant chain famous for their cocktails and great food. We were commissioned by Telegraph Hill, one of London's top social agencies, to produce a series of artworks styled to match their cocktail counterparts and point-of-sale materials.

The Solution

Producing a large amount of hand-painted, mixed media and photo-manipulated assets we provided artworks in a style that matched the cocktail ensuring it was the “hero” of the image. Guided by Telegraph Hill's talented campaign team we crafted their vision of die-cut bill-folds, A-frames and giant foamex signage, to name a few.

The Result

Alongside the live events and social media wizardry from Telegraph Hill, the campaign was a huge success and was delivered across UK stores throughout 2014. The illustrations and commissioned cocktail artworks were part of the digital campaign across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

campaign artwork for TGI Fridays - make it a bit to remember campaign
Gold Medalist example for 3D content techniques in Photoshop

Creating 3D Content in Photoshop

One doesn't always need a 3D program to produce results. The campaign artwork featured hand drawn, mixed media and photo-manipulated imagery.

Campaign print materials design services examples for TGI Fridays

Campaign Print Materials

Taking the cocktail artworks further they were used as restroom posters for the UK restaurants to heighten the Instagram conversations.

Die Cut flyer example for design services given to TGI Fridays

Die-cut Custom Printing

One of the talking points of the campaign was the use of a die-cut bill fold, full of fun content and CTAs designed to get customers talking about their #BurgerFace.