Imaginative Cows Our Projects | | Caring for Lost Love Ones You've Never Met Our Projects | | Caring for Lost Love Ones You've Never Met The founders of Tendagrave approached us with an altruistic plan to make a free social networking site with the aim of helping people to tend the graves of their loved ones.

Caring for Lost
Love Ones You've
Never Met

website design for tendagrave shown on large screen and small responsive laptop

Creating an altruistic Social Network


The Brief

Tending a loved one's grave can be extremely difficult if you don't live near by. This is where TendaGrave comes in. This altruistic service looks to link up like-minded people willing to help one another tend graves.

We were asked to design the service based around a fully custom coded website portal, user driven of course. Alongside this came a visual identity, brand identity and a wealth of promotional printed materials.

The Solution

We crafted a custom website design coded in PHP designed to be entirely user led. The site features search by map functions, full messaging capabilities and plotable "graves". The site underwent user testing and advanced cross browser checking. It features paypal intergration alongside social media and user interaction elements.

The Result

After some heavy coverage by the BBC and other national media outlets the site and conecpt have really taken off. Tendagrave's community continues to grow year on year and has already brought several of its community members to tears. We're extremely proud to be a part of this network helping others bring some much needed help to tend lost loved ones' graves.

dynamic page production example of different pages split over three layers
user driven screen design example on apple large monitor

User Driven Community Site

The entire site was crafted with a community nature. It's the people that make this site and fulfill its altruistic nature

printing and branding design examples of business cards printed to heavy weight paper

Branded Stationery

Alongside the website we created business cards, leaflets and more printed media