Imaginative Cows Our Projects | Betway / Telegraph Hill | Infographics for Boxes & Presenters Our Projects | Betway / Telegraph Hill | Infographics for Boxes & Presenters Imaginative Cows were commissioned to design an easily alterable infographic for use by sporting giant Betway during the huge fight: Froch vs Grove II

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Betway / Telegraph Hill

inforgraphic design for betway by imaginative cows shown on ipad with boxing gloves from the boxing match behind

Infographic design for dynamic twitter feed

Betway / Telegraph Hill


The Brief

Social media agency We Are Telegraph Hill commissioned us to design a dynamic infographic for sporting giant Betway. During the Froch V Grove II boxing match Betway's Twitter account was to tweet live infographics reflecting the public’s opinion.

The Solution

Because the data wouldn't be known until the fight, the infographics had to be produced so that any outcome could be shown. They were crafted using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and supplied to the tech team with a range of options allowing the dynamically updating slides to be produced on-the-fly.

The Result

Working without a glitch, the infographics helped increase Betway's account engagement throughout the fight. Several tweets featured lovely feedback on the design. While only one man won the fight, Betway & Telegraph Hill came out top of the Twitter.

boxing inforgraphics displayed in yellow on iphone for betway campaign
responsive infographic for betway in yellow display on twitter feed shown on smrtphone

Design Created for Responsive Use

The design was created with every possible outcome in mind so that it could be dynamically updated using the Twitter API during the fight.

betway and telepgraph hill boxing logos

Working With Agency Partners

We were extremely pleased to be working with one of London's top growing agencies as a design partner.