Imaginative Cows Our Projects | BBC 5 Live | Infographics for BBC 5 Live's Twitter Feed Our Projects | BBC 5 Live | Infographics for BBC 5 Live's Twitter Feed Designing infographics for BBC 5 live and Telegraph Hill! We created assets for Twitter, Facebook and the BBC 5 live blog.

Infographics for BBC 5
Live's Twitter Feed

BBC 5 Live / Telegraph Hill

BBC radio 5 live infographics displayed on laptop screen like a netbook

Custom Infographic Illustration Project for BBC 5 Live

BBC 5 Live / Telegraph Hill


The Brief

Commissioned by Telegraph Hill we were asked to design a series of infographics for BBC 5 Live's morning show. They needed to be tweetable and work across the Facebook network too, not to mention the 5 Live blog.

The Solution

We created custom templates using Photoshop which could be quickly populated during the TX of the show. These were edited, signed off and then post show, spread across social media.

The Result

Telegraph Hill increased the BBC's social engagement and brought the opinions of 5 Live's Twitter users to life in a visually presented information format.

BBC 5 live twitter infographics shown on an apple iphone
Image design for Twitter example showing infographics on bbc5 live's timeline

Images designed for Twitter

Knowing the difference between an RGB and CMYK colour-space is important when deciding where the image will be used. We have extensive knowledge on producing images for digital campaigns; this project was no different.

telegraph hill and bbc logos for agency partners

Working With Agency Partners

We were extremely pleased to be working with some of London's top growing agencies as a supplier. We aim to give a fast and accurate turnaround of images in a white-label capacity.