Imaginative Cows Our Projects | The 606 Club, Chelsea | Updating the UK's Oldest Jazz Establishment Our Projects | The 606 Club, Chelsea | Updating the UK's Oldest Jazz Establishment We worked with the 606 Club to update their existing website with a bold new design, available on mobile devices as well as desktop computers

Updating the UK's
Oldest Jazz

The 606 Club, Chelsea

custom cms design for website example including events section

Britain’s oldest jazz establishment uses a mobile based cms

The 606 Club, Chelsea


The Brief

The 606 Club is Britain's oldest jazz & blues establishment. Its heritage goes without saying, having hosted some of the world's most famous musicians. They approached us to redesign and update their ageing site with some 21st century technology, to raise exposure and most importantly, ROI (return on investment).

The Solution

One of the largest, most complex projects we've undertaken - every pixel of this website was designed and coded by hand. Built on our home-grown CMS (Content Management System) the functionality offered by this system is endless.

Capable of taking single or group bookings direct from the site it was essential it featured a powerful back-end system. 606 staff can create, manage and edit events based on a calendar system, as well as managing artist pages and media items. The homepage features its own management system allowing staff to easily edit what is featured and for how long, and showcasing any up & coming events.

News & blog articles can be posted daily, quickly bolstering the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking of the site. Fully integrated with all the usual social media channels, users can then quickly and easily distribute this material.

Designed to be fully mobile compliant, the site seamlessly fits any device - so phones, tablets and net-books can browse the site just as easily. The Imagine CMS is built as a modular system making the site fully future-proof with the ability to quickly add new functionality on an already stable platform.

The Result

Launched in the first quarter of 2015 the website is already generating the majority of the club's online leads. Events are now updated weekly and this year will see the introduction of an online merchant shop.

guitar in box with leads and cables for music
content mangement system for restaurant based in chelsea london using order tracking and calendar

Custom Calendar & availability Bookings

Calendar system allows editing of availability and bookings anywhere.

calendar image used for rich custom design

Image Rich Custom Design

Bold use of images to support design and heighten engagement.

brouchure page backend admin cms example from our website design service

Brochure Pages for Standalone Services

To highlight the extra services on offer we created several satellite pages.