Who are we?

Imaginative Cows is a creative agency based in Canterbury, Kent, UK. We are a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, though we specialise in digital & print creation for brands and businesses. We pride ourselves on providing London quality work, but not at London prices.

What can we do for you?

We offer services across the whole marketing spectrum: print, web design, video, social, digital artwork - you name it. We also offer white-labeling services to other agencies.

Our work is always results-driven. Whether we are running an off-the-wall publicity campaign, creating a new brand identity or building a new e-commerce site, our primary objective is always to deliver a product that will have the maximum positive impact on your business.

Still not sure?

We work with clients of all kinds and projects of all sizes, so if you would like us to get involved in your project then why not

Get in touch!

Toby Wheeler

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Creative Director and co-founder Toby sharpened his teeth in the advertising sector for over a decade. He leads creative with an iron fist and will be the first to tell you there's too much copy. He's featured in several Photoshop and graphics journals, and is a guest lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University. He enjoys motorbiking and history (mostly because he's a geek).

Perran Mitchell

Co-Founder / Technical Director

Perran is the technical brains behind the operation and co-founded the cows with Toby many moons ago. Able to wield the digital lightsaber he makes images, text and data come to life. He likes non-alcoholic beer and is the lead technical consultant at all stages.

Matthew Rayner

UI / UX Development

Responsible for leading our UI and UX development (user interfaces and movements to you and I), Matt helps the designers and coders make a reality from the client's vision. After experience working across some of London's top agencies, he knows the ropes when it comes to app development. He also has an unhealthy obsession with cats.

Simon Dewey

Motion Production & Direction

Simon has produced some of MTV's greatest hits and continues to push boundries with his direction and post-shoot editing skills. He leads our video production and VFX arm, bringing our motion based visions to life. If it's motion graphics or a video ident you're after, he is the man.

Emily Robinson

Sales & Accounts Manager

After running a global brand's SE division Emily joined us in 2014. She provides our clients with a point of contact, is a think-tank when it comes to point-of-sale, and will eeke every last conversion out of a campaign. She has two Huskies who rule the roost.

Mark Pacey

Photography & Direction

Mark creates the rich photography we use in our projects. He has extensive experience taking photos of practically everything, but focusses on portrait, product and arch-viz work. He's currently setting up his new photography project - a drone with GoPro!

adam cairns

Graphics & Illustration

Adam creates brilliant bespoke graphics by hand or computer and is a master of illustration. Having featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine and Computer Arts magazine, and won a Shadowness Daily Award, his skills are unmatched. He listens to heavy music though so you can't win them all.

The Freelancers

Technical Services

Because we’re not supermen (yet), sometimes we need a helping hand. We have a solid base of professional full-time freelancers whom we employ to help milk the cows and keep the kettle on the boil.


Work for us as a freelancer

We are always on the lookout for hot new talent in both the art and code arenas. If you’re the next Justin Maller or coding Jedi then please send your CV and work examples to jobs@imaginativecows.com and we’ll get straight back to you!